Mi grande amiguita

This morning I got an email from my friend Laura who lives in Monterrey, Mexico, and I found out she has a fotoblog online, in which she dedicated a site to me in January. She’s been a friend for years. Though we never met, we kept writing drawn-out mails to each other, her mails always being filled with positive thoughts and wonderful sentences in spanish. It all began at a time when I was on health 0 and pain 100. She started writing to me because of the simple fact that I mentioned Carlos Castaneda as a favourite author on my former band’s website.
It’s a loving connection, a strong connection we’re having. We even sang the exact same song one evening at the karaoke, not knowing the other one was out, too.
She dedicated me a prayer on her site. I’m not too religious, still I appreciate her thoughts and prayers very much. If prayers do help, then I’m sure Laurita did a lot for my health in the past few years.
Laurita, TQM! Thank you!

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